I have been traveling and photographing the world for over 40 years as a Professional wildlife biologist. I try to 'make order out of chaos' in my nature photography.

People I like to 'ambush'. I feel people look their best when they are relaxed and focusing on other things. When someone knows you are taking their picture they take on a whole different look. Only the best professionl models can counter that natural reaction. I do not do studio work but am available for outdoor portraits, weddings, or photo assignments anywhere in the world. I am currently using Canon 30D camera with 2.8 70-200 zoom as my principal lens. If interested please contact me at All photographs are copyright protected and are sold under the conditions stated only.

Images are best viewed full screen in the slideshow mode. Its automated and quick.I welcome any and all comments or criticisms, Digital is a continual learning process. Several galleries contain the orginal image and a photoshop version please comment.

I have consolidated the images from the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo into a 2010 gallery. I do not have model releases for any images that are identifieable. They can not me used for commercial purposes with out both my release and a model release. If you think one of these photos may be your next big add I maybe able to obtain a model release. All my images of identifiable images are sold as art prints.

In June of 2012 I moved to San Luis Obispo California. My recent images are from that area. I recently returned from a trip through Asia and will be puttin up some new images from that trip soon.

The quote in my header is from Alice Morse Earle . The correct quote is Yesterday is history. Tommorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is the present. I intend to fix the header in the near future.

John Seidel